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Theocracy: A Sanctified Society

Vine & Fig Tree is a vision of a society sanctified -- "set apart" -- for God's Glory. This vision is:

=| From B.C. to A.D |=
"B.C." stands for "Before Christ." "A.D." is "anno Domini," the Year of our Lord Jesus Christ. Orwellian historians are at it again. They now want us to speak of our age as "C.E." ("Common Era") and Pre-Christian time as "B.C.E." ("Before the Common Era").
But ours is not a "common" era.
We live in the Sacred Era, an age in which Christ is making all things holy -- and de-sacralizing an obsolete priesthood. Peter says that "God hath showed me that I should not call any man common or unclean" (Acts 10:28).

Theocracy: The Biblical Requirement

The Oath and Theocratic Government

Theocracy Throughout History

Ancient History

The Reformation: Rebirth of Theocracy

America: Theocracy in the New World

"Vine & Fig Tree" in American History

American Law

Famous American Theocrats

"The Separation of Church and State"

Theocratic Education

Confronting the Culture

Modern Opposition to Christian Theocracy

Revisionist Cases in the U.S. Supreme Court

Christians Against Ceremonial Deism

Pleadings in Court

Separation of Church and State: Key Cases and Comments

It's time to STAND UP and
"WASTE" your vote!!

Voting for a "Conservative" who is not a Theocrat
is worse than voting for a "liberal."

Republicrats and Demoblicans both oppose a Sanctified Society
Failure to openly and explicitly defend Theocracy advances the New World Order.
The "Conservative" Nixon did more to advance liberalism and socialism than the "liberal" Humphrey ever could have.
Gary Allen: Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask, Chapter 1.
If you want to advance liberalism, vote Republican; if you want to advance conservatism, vote Democratic
Thomas Gale Moore, Hoover Institution (link coming soon!)
George Bush: The Establishment's Man
James Drummey on President G.H.W. Bush

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