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Never a "Separation of Church and State"
in Pre-Christian history


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Here's what it says:

  • There was never a "separation of church and state" in pre-Christian times.
  • In many empires it's possible to argue for a separation between priest and prince, but not a separation of god and government.
  • Empires were always explicitly religious.
  • Only Americans are too ignorant to realize that the State is god.

Here are links to a few empires:




In Leviathan (1651), Thomas Hobbes notes,

And first, we are to remember that the right of judging what doctrines are fit for peace, and to be taught the subjects, is in all Commonwealths inseparably annexed (as hath been already proved, Chapter eighteen) to the sovereign power civil, whether it be in one man or in one assembly of men. For it is evident to the meanest capacity that men's actions are derived from the opinions they have of the good or evil which from those actions redound unto themselves; and consequently, men that are once possessed of an opinion that their obedience to the sovereign power will be more hurtful to them than their disobedience will disobey the laws, and thereby overthrow the Commonwealth, and introduce confusion and civil war; for the avoiding whereof, all civil government was ordained. And therefore in all Commonwealths of the heathen, the sovereigns have had the name of pastors of the people, because there was no subject that could lawfully teach the people, but by their permission and authority.
Hobbes, Leviathan, Part III, Chapter XLII

do shepherds paper from Bahnsen, link here

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