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We dispute the modern conception of "separation of church and state."
(This will alarm many liberals, and appeal to many conservatives.)
Our answer to Separationists.
Our goal is to make America a Godly Theocracy again.
(This will cause cerebral hemorrhages among liberals, embarrass Ralph Reed and his ilk, but delight the "Christian Reconstructionists.")
Proof that America was intended to be a Theocracy.
Our solution to the problems which the "separation of church and state" attempts to solve is the complete elimination of both church and state.
(Now even the Reconstructionists have fainted.)
The Unique Agenda of Vine & Fig Tree: Global, Decentralized, Priest-less, Prince-less Theocracy.

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Photo above: column from idolatrous pagan Greek temple, commonly associated with the "separation of church and state."  


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