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The goal of this site is to set forth the case for Theocracy, and show that America was intended to be a Christian Theocracy, and still must be so, even in our "pluralistic" age.

The site is designed primarily for Christians who want answers to the claims of Secular Humanists and other separationists. An open mind is required. The anti-Christian bias of most separationists renders them unable to benefit from this site.

Refuting "Separationism" in 60 seconds.
The easiest way to recognize the counterfeit historiography of the separationists is to become familiar with genuine currency. Proof that America was intended to be a Christian Theocracy and was so until the middle of the 20th century can be found here. Once this information is absorbed, separationist arguments become laughable. 60 seconds' worth of chuckles are found here.

On this page we hope to develop links to rebuttals of popular "separationist" web pages, which advocate basing America on the religion of Secular Humanism instead of the religion of the Founding Fathers.

If you have come across a separationist web page, and would like to see answers to their secularist claims, please send the URL to us.

We hope to have a lengthy list of secularist web pages, with links to pages which refute their separationist revisionism. For now, we are working on rebuttals to a page which in our opinion is the best representative of separationist thought, containing the most systematic presentation of the best arguments against the historic Christian-American position, with the lowest level of "noise."

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