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He's just a big crybaby.

A mentally imbalanced crybaby.

He's mad because the California State Bar wouldn't let him practice law.
And why should they? Sure, he passed the Bar Exam and all that.

But he doesn't believe in the "separation of church and state."

What kind of crackpot
doesn't believe in
the Separation of
Church and State?!?

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He's organizing other wackos into an movement he calls "Christians for a Test Oath."

Yeah right; like this is the medieval era and anybody gives a fig about "oaths."

Go ahead -- call up the California State Bar. They'll tell you:

As if we don't have enough activist fringe lawyers like this already.

This nut took his case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even his "Christian Reconstructionist" friends kicked him out of their church.

And now this wacked-out web site.

Kinda makes you long for good ol' federal regulation of the Internet.

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