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Ethan Allen
Religious Turncoat


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Here's what it says:

  • Secularists claim Ethan Allen was an influential leader in early America.
  • They claim he was an atheist.
  • He was a Christian when he became a hero of the Revolution.

When word of the skirmishes in Massachusetts and Virginia reached Connecticut, the General Assembly secretly instructed Colonel Ethan Allen to enlist a group of men to disable Ticonderoga, a British stronghold in New York. Late in the evening of May 9, 1775, Allen and his Green Mountain Boys approached the unsuspecting garrison, quietly capturing the sentries and securing the barracks of sleeping British soldiers. Allen then pushed on to camp headquarters and roused the commandant, Captain de la Place. Allen himself described what next occurred:

[T]he Captain came immediately to the door with his small clothes in his hand--when I ordered him to deliver to me the fort, instantly. He asked me by what authority I demanded it. I answered him -- "In the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress."

Hugh Moore, Memoir of Col. Ethan Allen (Plattsburgh, NY: O.R. Cook, 1834), pp. 94-95. See also  The River Hudson, p. 41 (1859) in the New York Public Library Digital Library Collections

Ethan Allen later became publicly antagonistic to the Christian religion. Perhaps this was a result of cognitive conflict between his faith and his participation in acts of violence against Christians from Britain. Against this theory is the fact that the Revolution was fought by those who strongly believed in Christianity.

The Christian Character of the Revolutionary Army

Ethan Allen's Deism

"as to being a Deist, I know not, strictly speaking, whether I am one or not, for I have never read their writings" 
From the Preface to Reason: The Only Oracle Of Man: A Compendious System Of Natural Religion By Ethan Allen (1784) (He was a deist, and he knew it.)

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