It's time to STAND UP and
"WASTE" your vote!!

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Update 2002!

Harry Browne on the Non-Differences Between the Two Major Parties:

Bush and the GOP: They're All Socialists Now

Dubya and the Courts: Don't Get Too Excited

Conservatives may have reason to fear Bush court choices
by John Leo (10/31)

The future makeup of the Supreme Court hasn't caught on as a major issue in the presidential race. One reason is that the media combed through George W. Bush's judicial selections in Texas without finding much to complain about.

Tweedle-Bush and Tweedle-Gore

The Farce of Elections: Why the Republicans Will Probably Lose

Why I'm Not Watching the Republican Convention

Should Conservatives Back Bush?

Will that be a Porsche or a pony

Filegate finds way to round file

Talib Kweli Talks Politrix as Bush Becomes President to Hip-hop Nation of Millions 
Talib Kweli speaks with in the wake of the Presidential Inauguration. Reflecting eternal on the shadiness of Election 2000 and the consequences of a Bush presidency on the hip-hop nation, Kweli gives a politically conscious MC critique of American politrix.

George Bush The Unauthorized Biography

George W Bush

George W's Principles?

Lesser Evils

Liberals in GOP clothing

Republicans sell us out too

Reviews - The Establishment's Man

Shaping the New World Order Did George Bush Purposely Lose the Election in 1992

THE AMERICAN ALMANAC - Dope, Incorporated

The New American - Bob Dole’s Cheap Talk- September 30, 1996

The New American - Like Father, Like Son - September 13, 1999

The New American Worth Repeating - New World Order

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Current Links:
The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy of Silence - Wash Post
Michael Kinsley writes a column true "conservatives" might even agree with
Bush Tells NAACP His Way to Boost Opportunity - Wash Times
Bush plans enhancing social programs, public education and health care for the poor
N.H. House Leans Towards Impeaching Chief Justice - UPI
Lying and impeding investigations at the core of possible judicial impeachment
Big Business Puts Pressure on Senate for China Bill - Reuters

U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobbies heavily for China trade preferences

Previous Links

GOP Not Promising Abortion Peace re: platform
- AP
"I'm going to do everything I possibly can to bring as many disparate groups in and broaden the base of the Republican Party", says GOP platform chair
Bush Pitches $400M Link of Needy to Technology - Reuters
Texas GOP governor pitches Federal technology welfare in Washington State
Bush Proposes More Federal Funding for Disabled - PR Newswire
Bush gives full support for ADA enforcement and proposes $3/4 billion+ new spending

Dobson Sends Bush a Warning
"Moral principles are more important than winning elections short term" says Dobson

It's time to STAND UP and
"WASTE" your vote!!

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