It's time to STAND UP and
"WASTE" your vote!!

When I say "Americans" I'm not talking to Liberals. I'm talking to those of you who voted "for" George Dubya because you wanted to vote against Al Gore.

You believed that if you voted for a candidate who
truly stands for the principles of the Constitution
who truly opposes the New World Order
who acts on principle
     not for points in political polls
     or kickbacks from special interests,
you will be "wasting" your vote because your candidate will not be the "winner."
  • You voted "for" Dubya because you believed him to be dedicated to the principles our Founding Fathers fought and died for, a man passionately committed to advancing a truly conservative agenda, heroically swimming against a tide of liberalism and globalism, carrying a wounded nation safely to the rock of moral absolutes and liberty under God.
  • You voted "for" Dubya because you were afraid that Al Gore would carry us to a New World Order of international socialism even faster than George W. Bush will.

And let's make no mistake about it: George Dubya WILL get us there. A vote for a Bush regime is a vote for the New World Order -- eventually. Like father, like son.

But here's the surprise:

The George W. Bush Administration has advanced liberalism and globalism
than an Al Gore Administration
could have even dreamed.

The proof for this surprising claim is obvious when you think about it. The links are on this page. More than that, you'll see that voting for the candidate you really want to see become President (even if you are certain he won't win in November) will change your life.

Please -- follow these links. Your future depends on it.

The "Conservative" Nixon did more to advance liberalism and socialism than Humphrey ever could have.
Gary Allen: Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask, Chapter 1.
If you want to advance liberalism, vote Republican; if you want to advance conservatism, vote Democratic
Thomas Gale Moore, Hoover Institution (link coming soon! - temporary link)
George Bush: The Establishment's Man
James Drummey on President G.H.W. Bush
Gary North: The Lesser of Two Evils Rarely Is
The "greater" of two evils probably can't build the coalitions necessary to get anything done at all.

Additional Links of Interest

Those who will not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

If you want to energize grass-roots conservative action and see pressure put on government, the best that could happen would be the election of Hillary Clinton to President.

Of course, the Republican Leadership would oppose conservative action, just as they did during the impeachment proceedings against Mr. Hillary.

This is why we must question the very mythology of the Republican-Democrat, "Left"-"Right" distinction.

against voting for a man of principle

It's the only argument floating around that hasn't been directly answered in the links above. If we elect Bush, at least he won't appoint liberals to the federal courts. If we elect Bush he will put at least one conservative on the Supreme Court

Oh yeah?!?

Has your good sense been

Once you've become familiar with the history chronicled in the links above, this scenario will be self-evident rather than prophetic.

President Dubya will nominate for his first Supreme Court Justice a man of dedicated conservative principles who takes a hard pro-life stand. He would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. This inclination will become a great controversy, and the Senate will vote against confirming him.

BORK! goes Bush's nominee!

Just as the Senate -- controlled by the Republican Establishment -- voted AGAINST convicting Bill Clinton!


Is it all coming back to you now?

President Bush then nominates another David Souter. This nominee is the same person that Al Gore would have nominated the first time around, and the "moderate," "centrist" nominee is quickly confirmed. Millions of people who voted for Bush say nothing, and only those who voted for a man of principle write to their Senator criticizing the politics of BORK!

"Even assuming George W. cares about judicial restraint, his election probably will have zero impact on the Court's anti-Constitutional drift."
Don Feder,
Jewish World Review June 26, 2000 /23 Sivan, 5760
The Supreme Court is now dominated by Republican-appointed Justices. What are the results?
Bush Appoints Pro-Abortion Justice: Alito Report Card
Partial Birth Abortion has not been abolished: Gonzales v. Carhart Analysis
Court destroys federalism and private property rights, cornerstones of our liberty.

The President is in many ways a puppet, a figurehead. Any American who feels he has discharged his civic obligations by voting for a puppet every four years needs to take a civics class (but not in a government-run school). More important are the elections every 2 years for Congress, and more important still are acts of letter-writing every month to Congressmen, and especially to bureaucrats when they open the door to public opinion before passing dictatorial regulations. A letter or phone call is viewed as carrying the weight of six times as many voters.

  • If you vote for George W. Bush, and he wins, you'll be inclined to think you've "won." You'll slack off for the next four years. When Bush pushes us further into the New World Order, you'll be silent, because you voted for him.
  • If you vote for a candidate of principle, you know you'll have to be vigilant. You will be dedicated for the next four years. You'll be on your guard against both Bush and Gore. Voting for a "loser" will change your life.

If you vote for Bush, what "message" are you sending? That you support the Republican Establishment? That you don't support "extremism" and radical Constitutional principles? On the day after the election, should it turn out that your principled, "extremist" candidate got 23% of the votes, could a stronger "message" be imagined? Every vote you cast for your man of principle counts for 2 or 3 votes for The Establishment's Man. Votes for a man of principle send shivvers down the spine of the New World Order.

It's time to STAND UP and
"WASTE" your vote!!


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