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Separation of Church and State
The REAL Issue

There is not a single member of the "Radical Religious Right" who does not believe in the "separation of church and state"
None of them wants one church to be preferred over the others.
Nobody wants taxes levied to support the clergy of one denomination, or of all denominations "non-preferentially."
This is what the Founding Fathers meant by "an establishment of religion."
Read the conclusions of a Georgetown University Law Center study.
Read the frank admission of Justice Douglas in the famous 1962 case that removed prayer from public schools.
But today the "separation of church and state" has nothing to do with any church or any denomination. The real issue is whether we are a nation "under God."
Separationists want the separation of God and State.
But a government that will not acknowledge God
is a government that believes itself to be God.

The U.S. Supreme Court once declared that America was "a Christian nation." 

  • A Christian nation that does not believe in using the IRS Gestapo to raise funds for churches;
  • A Christian nation that believes in the separation of churches and the state.

This website affirms the "separation of church and state" as the Framers of the Constitution understood that phrase: no taxes to support churches: Anglicans, Presbyterians, or any other denomination. This website denies the modern myth of "separation of church and state" as the ACLU understands that term. The State is "ordained by God," ours is "a Christian nation," a nation "under God," and the Constitution was not intended to give the federal government the power to amend state constitutions where they mention religion, order local schools to remove the 10 Commandments from classes, or order them to eliminate prayer from Graduations.

This is not rocket science. A child can understand this.

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