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William Penn
Christian Statesman


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Here's what it says:

  • Some Secularists actually maintain that William Penn was not a Christian and that Pennsylvania was not a Christian colony.
  • It was explicitly Christian
  • Penn was a Christian

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It is reported that

the Leni Lenape (Delaware) chiefs at the village of Shackamaxon under a broad and leafy elm, and there forging a friendly, loving agreement to exchange land for goods and money. Granted, he sought essentially the same thing--land-- as the Pilgrims or Daniel Boone. However, rather than forcibly removing the Natives, "Penn employed 'the even scales of justice and mild Persuasion of Christian love. . . [to sway] the mind'" (Fryd 30).

Fryd, Vivien Green. Art and Empire: The Politics of Ethnicity in the United States Capitol, 1815-1860. New Haven, CN: Yale UP, 1992.

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