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Pleadings and
History of the Case

If you plan to take voluntarily a "test oath," or have already done so and face any negative repercussions, you would not be wise simply to file these pleadings unedited. The author would be happy to help you in any way he can. E-mail:

1. Passed California Bar Exam and all other requirements for admission.

2. Queried Committee of Bar Examiners; set forth religious views, inquired about the chances for modification of oath. Bar indicated unwillingness to permit modification. Corresponded anonymously, through counsel.

3. Asked about other avenues of appeal, to "exhaust administrative remedies."

4. As per instructions, filed formal petition with Committee of Bar Examiners.

5. Petition considered during normal meeting of Committee. No briefs exchanged, no hearings of any kind. Denied

6. Nearly identical petition filed as Petition for Writ of Mandamus with California Supreme Court.

7. Petition Denied.

8. Petition for Certiorari filed with U.S. Supreme Court.

9. Petition Denied

10. Complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

11. State Bar moves for Summary Judgment.

12. Motion granted.

13. I should have filed a petition for re-hearing.

14. Filed appeal in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

15. Dismissed.

16. Petition for Re-hearing. Former Calif. Sup. Ct. Justice Cruz Reynoso joins on the briefs.

17. Denied.

17. Draft of Petition for Certiorari

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