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Our Magnum Opus:


Micah's radical vision of Vine & Fig Tree is set forth in great detail in this work, which spans the Bible from Genesis to Revelation:

The Meaning of Vine & Fig Tree

  1. The Kingdom: Judgment of the World by the Saints of God
  2. The Gospel: The Inevitability of Reconciliation
  3. God's Law: Blueprint for Reconciliation
  4. The Family: The Machinery of Reconciliation
  5. The Nations: The Jurisdiction of Reconciliation
  6. The Garden: Paradigm of Reconciliation
  7. The Remnant: Reconciliation in Community

    These seven themes are the foundation for these soon-to-appear Internet Books:

  8. Towards a Catholic Workers' Paradise.
  9. Vine & Fig Tree: Christianity for the Third Millennium
  10. The Christmas Conspiracy

Newsletter Archives

  1. Generic Christianity: The Patriarch and the Church
  2. Garden-Variety Christianity: The Patriarch and the Land
  3. The Lifelong Disciple: The Patriarch and Education
  4. The Debt Papers: The Patriarch and Economics

Towards a Patriarchal Society

The Patriarchal Society set forth in the Bible and exemplied by Micah's Vine & Fig Tree vision may be described by the Hebrew word "Shalom." Peace, wholeness, Christian conciliation. It can happen; it must happen; it is going to happen.

  1. Christian Conciliation: A World-and-Life View.
  2. The Biblical Basis for the Ministry of Reconciliation.
  3. Lex Mercatoria: The International Non-Governmental Resolution of Disputes
  4. Getting to the Kingdom

Studies in Patriarchy

  1. Patriarchy and the Family
  2. Patriarchy and the Pastor
  3. Patriarchy and the Lawyer
  4. Patriarchy and the Criminal

12 Steps to Patriarchy

  1. The Patriarch Manual
  2. The Son of Abraham
  3. Idolators Anonymous: The Co-opting of a Prophetic Movement
  4. Churchaholics Anonymous
  5. Archists Anonymous
  6. Homosexuals Not Gentlemen

Escape From Dominion: The Myth of the Second Coming

  1. Patriarchy and the Second Coming
  2. Judaism and the Second Coming
  3. Christianity and the New Age

TOTAL Predestination.



Towards a Patriarchal Society

Vine & Fig Tree stands for the proposition that the Bible advocates the elimination of the institutions of Church and State. These publications help show the Biblical basis for a radically decentralized personalist communitarian society.

Christian Conciliation: A World-and-Life View.

Micah's vision, from the perspective of an arbitrator/peacemaker.

The Biblical Basis for the Ministry of Reconciliation.

Vine & Fig Tree advocates the elimination of the State and its "system" of "justice." This is a book-length exposition of 1 Corinthians 6:1-11, which incorporates the exegesis and insights of over 35 respected Christian commentators on the passage. It argues that the Vine & Fig Tree Vision underlies Paul's command to Christians not to resort to pagan courts.

Lex Mercatoria: The International Non-Governmental Voluntary Resolution of Commercial Disputes

The idea of eliminating all political systems is met with alarm, even by "tax-protesting" "Christian Patriots." In their crusade against "commerce," they have demonized the Lex Mercatoria, or Law Merchant.

The Law Merchant was a system of non-political, voluntary arbitration of commercial disputes which existed in the Middle Ages. It is evidence that a global obedience to I Corinthians 6 is possible. This book examines the history of commerce before the rise of nation-states and shows that decentralized, patriarchal societies can more efficiently and peacefully carry out the Dominion Mandate than a world dominated by "archist" structures such as the State.

Getting to the Kingdom

The Harvard University Negotiation Project studied techniques of conflict resolution and entitled their study Getting to Yes. While their techniques and insights are valuable, they are but vague shadows of a full-orbed Christian concept of conflict resolution. That concept is presented here. In a nutshell, peaceful co-existence of human beings does not depend on the existence of a well-armed Nation-State or global government.


The publications above are somewhat "theoretical." The publications below are more "practical."

PATRIARCHY: Christian Conciliation and the Family

Christian Conciliation finds its greatest obstacle in the institutions of church and State. Would-be patriarchs are intimidated into servicelessness by claims of authority and professionalism by agents of church and State. All the responsibilities of the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:17-21) are given to "laymen."

PATRIARCHY: Christian Conciliation and the Pastor

Beginning where the volume above leaves off, those who occupy ecclesiastical positions are given suggestions as to how to equip "laymen" for their task as conciliators, and how "Priests" and "Pastors" can then themselves move up to the position of "laymen" and Godly Patriarch.

PATRIARCHY: Christian Conciliation and the Lawyer

Also beginning where we left off with the "layman," the Attorney is shown that he is a king under Christ, with a call to justice. This publication shows how to turn an ordinary law-practice into a Christian Patriarchy.

PATRIARCHY: Christian Conciliation and the Criminal

Biblical critique of such concepts as Prison, Capital Punishment, and how the Patriarch should bring the message of Reconciliation to those who commit crimes. Theories tested by nearly 10 years of experience with violent and non-violent criminals in a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality.


The Patriarch Manual

A practical introduction to Christian Patriarchy. How an average, low-grade American can raise grandsons to be Patriarchs like Abraham, who was respected by kings of nations, was "rich in cattle and gold," and exercised evangelistic hospitality to over 1,000 homeless people at a time.

The Son of Abraham

A program of Scripture Meditations designed to enhance patriarchal Godliness and begin the process of personal transformation which will result in a generation of society-shaping Christian Patriarchs.

Idolators Anonymous: The Co-opting of a Prophetic Movement

An Historical and Theological Examination of the "12 Steps" of Alcoholics Anonymous, their compatibility with radical Patriarchal Christianity, and the crippling dilution of the program by demonic "new age" mythology and trendy pop-psychology.

Churchaholics Anonymous

Most Christians today are addicted to "church membership." A Biblical Critique of the institutional "church" is integrated with a 12-Step program which moves people out of churches, back to their homes, and into God's world.

Archists Anonymous

A 12-Step program for "adult children of the State" -- people who were taught that the State is a "divine institution" and are recovering from its destructive model of violence, vengeance, and domination from which we have all learned so much, and have become "co-dependent."

Homosexuals Not Gentlemen

The incredible violent and fascist origins of "The Sexual Revolution," exposing how we have all been influenced by the "New Morality," how Playboy has shaped how even Christians think about sex, and a 12-step program to overcome lust and addictive fornication.

Escape From Dominion - The Myth of the "Second Coming"

Premillennialism -- the eschatological perspective which holds that Jesus could come at any moment to set up a hierarchical rule in Jerusalem -- is held to by as many as 50- to 80-million Fundamentalists and Evangelicals. The view has infected many mainline Protestants and Catholics as well.

Patriarchy and the Second Coming

Following J. Stuart Russell, this work argues against the notion of a re-incarnation or "second coming" of Christ and establishment of hierarchical "Christian" kingdom based in Jerusalem. Shows that "Second Coming" texts which have been misused throughout church history were intended to strengthen the Apostolic Church by promising the imminent "coming" of Christ in judgment against statist pharisaism, freeing the Church to re-create Edenic Patriarchy.

Judaism and the Second Coming

Building on the volume above, this publication shows that modern pre-millennialism, ritualism, ecclesiocentrism, etc., are holdovers from Judaism (specifically, Pharisaism, or Talmudism), and how Jesus destroyed this religion in A.D. 70. This work has nothing to do with any Semitic people as such.

Christianity and the New Age

Judaism is not the only ancient religion which haunts us today. This publication shows how so-called "new age" concepts were invented by ancient opponents of Biblical Faith who sought to cripple and enslave the masses in the service of archist political and ecclesiastical systems. Modern "new-agers," such as Maurice Strong, are again attempting to enslave Christians to the corporate-political machines of the "New World Order." Christ inaugurated the true New Age, and is overthrowing the old world order which the "new agers" are vainly attempting to resuscitate.


Numerous smaller Bible studies on various subjects are available.

Things The Patriarch Abraham Would Have Supported

Things The Patriarch Abraham Would Have Opposed

The Most Radical Doctrine of Predestination.

Radical Predestination is the basis for radical personal and social change.

We trust the State because we do not trust God.
We are addicted to the promises of men because we do not believe the Word of God.

There really is a God.
Not a "force." God.
The God of Moses, Isaiah, and Jesus is the One, True God.
Man is not God.
Everything else follows.

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