If This Isn't Heaven, I Don't Know What Is

Biblical Reasons Why We Should
And Practical Suggestions on How We Can

Create Heaven on Earth

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Table of Contents
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index.htm Restoring Gratitude, Joy, and Optimism general intro, not directed to any party
new-intro.htm Introduction for Preterists  
overview.htm Overview -- With Links to All the Chapters  
pastors.htm Letter to Pastors endorse this book
bereans.htm The Berean Spirit Don't put down this book because Dr. So-and-So preaches a different doctrine. You have a Biblical duty to "search the Scriptures" for yourself (Acts 17:11). Study the Bible, not man-made prophecy charts
exercises.htm Spiritual Exercises Stretch unused spiritual muscles
where1.htm Where to Go from Here options
america.htm America: Heaven on Earth intro for those who love America
atheists.htm Christianity Without Pie-in-the-Sky-By-and-By intro for atheists
00_new.htm Introduction to Joy and Optimism cure for whiners
controversy.htm Controversy intro for those who like controversy, VFT-centered
controversy0.htm A Most Controversial Book 1p., short list
controversy3.htm Introduction #2 controversy.htm + 3 big issues
choices.htm Looking for More Choices  
choices2.htm Bad Publicity is Better than No Publicity At All  

Vine & Fig Tree
"Heaven on Earth"

vft.htm Vine & Fig Tree: A Heavenly Vision Micah 4:1-7 vs. modern retreatism, escapism, pessimillennialism

Introduction to Preterism
impossible.htm Preface: Contemplating the Impossible  
function.htm How You Can Be a Preterist in Practice Even if You're Not a Preterist in Theory for Reconstructionists, partial-prets
000_preterism.htm The Implications of Preterism for preterists.
00_preterism.htm  Introduction to Preterism  for non-preterists
agenda.htm What's Next on Your Agenda? full chart
reliable.htm Is Jesus Reliable?  
falwell-hunt.htm The Goals of this Book Countering the pessimism of premillennialists like Dave Hunt
generation.htm "This Generation" is now that generation, not our generation
lastdays.htm Are We in "The Last Days?"  
101.htm 101 "Any Moment" Verses From Matthew to Revelation, end-time events are "at hand" - no waiting 2,000 years for the Second Coming
mello.htm mello - "about to"  
rapture.htm The Rapture  
world.htm Preach the Gospel to the Whole World || trumpet || gathering || angels ||  
camps.htm Differing Theological Camps  
where2.htm Where to Go from Here various options
judgment.htm The Judgment: Nature and Timing  

Dominion: Antidote to Neo-Platonism
post1776.htm Making Micah Happen From the "dark ages" to the "New Order of the Ages"
from a "light on a hill" to a slide down the hill into darkness
aclu.htm Fundies and Atheists Don't Trust Me Neither group likes the message of this book
heaven-on-earth.htm The Dominion Mandate: Our Call to Create Heaven on Earth Creating the Kingdom of Heaven: Man's purpose on earth
dominion.htm  The Dominion Mandate: Bringing the Creation Under God's Law  applying Biblical blueprints to this life, comprehensively, in detail
dominion_wealth.htm Dominion and Man's Need for Limitless Wealth Relentlessly pursuing the City of God
Notice how premils deny both of the essays above, both sides of dominion. They oppose the idea of creating heaven on earth: heaven is not for now, heaven is only for, well, heaven. But they also deny the dominion mandate. Our purpose, they say, is not to get involved in the world, "take dominion," and stuff like that. Our purpose is to be "spiritual" -- "heavenly-minded."
adults.htm Thinking Like Adults Putting away childish things, thinking about dominion
passion.htm A Passion for Heaven on Earth [AynRand]  
knock.htm If you heard a knock on your door and opened it to find George Washington Answering the call

Christ's Economic Blueprint: Laissez-Faire Capitalism
  Ethics and Prophecy chilton - revelation
  Christian Ethics: Theonomy  
  Laissez-Faire Capitalism  
  Don't be an Archist!  
violence.htm Persuasion vs. Coercion  
division.htm The Division of Labor - Functioning Members of the Body of Christ  
  "National Security" in Heaven  
  Service Creates Order  

Kingdom Now
  Growth and Progress No Kingdom handed to us on a silver plate. We work, it grows.
shouldwetry.htm Should We Try to "Bring in the Kingdom?" Or is it sinful to try?
government.htm Government: The Central Theme of the Bible  
  Political Method and Scriptural Hermeneutics  
kofh.htm What is the "Kingdom of Heaven"  
kingdom.htm The Nature of Christ's Kingdom  
8policestate.htm Premillennialism's Faith in A Police State On the one hand, premillennialists long for a millennial socialist one-world government bureaucracy - very political
k_as_gov.htm Kingdom as Government/Empire/NewWorldOrder On the other hand, they deny the political character of the Kingdom of God in this age - very apolitical and "spiritual"

What's So Great About Heaven?
kicking.htm Kicking the Heaven Habit The first "spiritual exercise": giving up your ticket to heaven to save the lives and souls of billions of people.
  Imagine We're in Heaven Vonnegut + first checklist.
1804.htm Comparison Chart: 2004 vs. 1804 The Progress we've made creating heaven on earth
  Myths About Heaven When you think about it (the traditional view of heaven), it's not all that great.
  How Do You Know You're Not in Heaven? what are you doing about evil?
  Millennial Myths Hunt | What Bible promises, what we do instead (dt 28)

What Makes You Think YOU Get to Go to Heaven?
Those who seek to "bring in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth" are accused of ignoring heaven. How many of those who are pining away for heaven and ignoring earthly duties even have a right to think they're going to heaven when they die? The Bible says some people who expect to go there will be surprised and disappointed.
imagine.htm Imagine There's No Heaven? Heaven in U.S. History 150 years ago, atheists could not hold political office in America. Today anybody can. (And surely everyone gets to go to heaven!)
citizen.htm Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven judging by fruits, loyalty to the Kingdom
  Assessing Your Chances for Heaven if you expect to go to heaven later, you better start acting like it now.
  Justification by Allegiance Are we justified by belief alone?
  Christ is a King - This is His Kingdom Is Christ a King, yes or no? If yes, what kind of King is He?
  Who is the Anti-Christ? If no, doesn't that make you an antichrist?
  A Gospel of Victory Does Christ succeed as King, or is He ultimately defeated?
  Are You a Christian? If being a Christian were illegal, would there be any evidence to convict you? Have you committed any "overt acts?" What have you risked for the Kingdom?
  I am an Overcomer Do we only "overcome" by dying?
  The New Heavens and the New Earth We're there now.

  Misplaced Affections?  
  Miserable Hope in This Life