If This Isn't Heaven, I Don't Know What Is

Biblical Reasons Why We Should
And Practical Suggestions on How We Can

Create Heaven on Earth


This book is probably best read by someone who considers himself to be a "preterist." The preterist believes that all the prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled. The preterist believes that the Second Coming took place when Jesus said it would: during the lifetimes of those who witnessed His ministry on earth.

Futurists are taken aback by this claim. "If the Second Coming already took place, then what's left? Is this heaven?"

As the title of this book suggests, yes. Not exactly, but for the sake of argument and edification, yes, we're in heaven. More accurately, we are now living in the period of time described as "the New Heavens and the New Earth." You may want to click here to study that phrase, and in so doing you will see that the way we handle Scripture is orthodox and, well, Scriptural. We urge you to be like the Bereans.

The great advantage of the Internet over conventional books is that you're just a click away from the answer to your question. Here are some questions I've anticipated:

  1. "Is this guy some kind of heretic?"
  2. "Where did you ever get the idea of suggesting that we're already in heaven?"
  3. "Are you pre-mill, post-mill, dispensationalist, or what?"
  4. "Is this guy saying we're supposed to bring in the Kingdom by works in the flesh?
  5. "I've never heard of 'preterism' or the idea that ANY prophecies were fulfilled in AD70. What are you talking about?"

If you consider yourself a "preterist," click here.

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