If This Isn't Heaven, I Don't Know What Is

Biblical Reasons Why We Should
And Practical Suggestions on How We Can

Create Heaven on Earth

Here are three terms you can find in any systematic book on eschatology: Virtually all "partial preterists" would say we are in "the kingdom," but some would dispute whether we are in "the New Heavens and the New Earth."

Some would agree that we are in the New Heavens and New Earth, but would deny that we are in the post-resurrection world.

Most of these conclusions as to the timing of these events presuppose a view of the nature of the events. "We can't be in 'the Kingdom' because that period of time only exists when Jesus has physically returned to earth and is ruling in Jerusalem on the Throne of David, and all nations are under His direct rule." If Jesus said "the Kingdom will come before this generation dies off," then the meaning of "this generation" must be adjusted to reflect the fact that "the Kingdom" -- as we define it -- did not come before that generation died off.

What Kind of Kingdom?

The Jews were wrong about what kind of Messiah the prophets foretold. They were wrong about the nature of the Kingdom, but they were correct about its timing: it really was "at hand."

Today's rapture-generation is wrong about the nature of the Kingdom and its timing. Like the Jews, many Christians today are waiting for a police-state enforced from Jerusalem. They believe this Kingdom is now "at hand," and we are now in "the last days," meaning that all the Jews and Christ and the Apostles were mistaken for believing it was "at hand" back in the first century.

The mistake of both the Jews in Christ's day and Christians in ours is in believing that "the Kingdom" would bring about the reversal of roles between oppressed and oppressor: that oppressed Israel would no longer be under the thumb of the Roman Empire, but that the Roman heathen would be ruled by the Jews. But Jesus repeatedly said that true "rule" was not political domination and subjugation of one's enemies, but service.

Here are several essay that explore the nature of Christ's Kingdom. After reading these essays you will find it easier to believe what Christ said about the timing of the coming of the Kingdom.

Don't be an Archist! 
Consider this spectrum of government power:

anarchy || laissez-faire || "mixed economy" || mercantilism || socialist dictatorship

"Anarchy" represents zero-government, "socialism" represents maximum government.
The English word "anarchy" comes from two Greek words meaning "no archy" or "the absence of an archist."
We hear the word "anarchist," but never the word "archist." A socialist dictator would be an "archist.
Jesus said His followers are not to be "archists."
We are to be priests and kings (1 Peter 2:9; Rev. 1:6; 5:10) but not "archists."
What kind of kingdom is made up of non-archists?
Christ is a King - This is His Kingdom
But His Kingdom is a non-archist Kingdom
"National Security" in Heaven
How is "national security" possible in a world without "archists?"
Service Creates Order
How is "social order" maintained without archists? If we eliminated "the government" wouldn't society collapse into "anarchy?" How is society kept orderly without an army of Gestapo agents issuing orders?
Growth and Progress
Did Jesus say His Kingdom would come into full power all at once?
What is the "Kingdom of Heaven"
If we're in "the Kingdom of Heaven" is that the same as being in Heaven?
Premillennialism's Faith in a Police State
Millions of Christians have a Nazi conception of Christ's Kingdom
Kingdom as Government/Empire/NewWorldOrder
Millions of other Christians have a completely "spiritual" non-political view of the Kingdom. Both views are unBiblical.
Who is the Anti-Christ?
He who denies that Jesus is Christ, that is, he who denies that Jesus is the Anointed Messiah King. Most Christians deny that Christ is King. They believe His Kingdom was postponed. This is the doctrine of anti-Christ.
A Gospel of Victory 
How Christ's Kingdom wins over Satan's Kingdom
Are You a Christian? 

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