Our goal is not merely academic. This thesis is one step toward setting in motion the cultural forces which will bring about the Prophet Micah's vision of a global Christocracy in which we all "beat our swords into plowshares" and live peacefully under our "vine & fig tree." 


We are convinced that capitalism works and socialism doesn't.
Therefore, we are convinced that all government programs (all of which, by definition, are socialistic) ought to be "privatized" so that the goods and services now provided by "the government" would be provided more efficiently by Free Market processes.


In short, we advocate the non-violent abolition of "the State."
Socialism is political violence. Capitalism is peaceful political voluntarism.

Romans 13

There are probably 100 million Christians who might otherwise agree that socialism never works, but they still hesitate to work to eliminate all socialism from the world. They believe that God has "ordained" the State, and it must always exist; there must always be some degree of socialism, they believe.

"The State":
The Greatest Criminal

But God says "Thou Shalt Not Steal," and "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Thus the essential features of "the State" are evil. "The State" is the greatest criminal force on earth. The State can never be "under God" any more than the Mafia can.


The question posed by this Thesis is:
Does God in the Bible prohibit human beings from eliminating "the State" and creating an "anarcho-capitalist" society?

Table of Contents

In this Thesis we attempt to prove that the Bible does not require us to create or maintain "the State," that the Bible says "the State" is demonic, a rebellious rejection of God, and that all those who participate in or further the evil deeds of "the State" ought to repent and resign immediately.