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Resources on Anarcho-Capitalism

A Definition of Anarcho-Capitalism
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia

The literature on anarcho-capitalism is surprisingly vast.

Internet Resources

An annotated bibliography by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Links to Anarcho-Capitalist sites:
http://www.buildfreedom.com/ft/anarcho-capitalism.htm containing:
See also:
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An Interview with David Friedman
Anarcho-Capitalism Source Page

On-going Development/Discussion of Anarcho-Capitalist Theory

Lew Rockwell.com
(Out of date as of 2009 -- see: www.isil.org


When this webpage was first created nearly a decade ago, a search on Amazon.com produced only the following:

Freedom, Society, and the State : An Investigation into the Possibility of Society Without Government
by David Osterfeld

Du libâeralisme áa l'anarcho-capitalisme
by Pierre Lemieux

Anarkiets bibel
by Hans Jµger

Now Amazon.com has more to offer. See these lists:

Additional resources (from http://www.anarchism.net/resources.asp?Type=1 )

Against Politics: On Government, Anarchy and Politics
   by Anthony de Jasay 

America's Great Depression
   by Murray N Rothbard

Defending The Undefendable
   by Walter Block 

Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature (and other essays)
   by Murray N Rothbard

Escape From Leviathan
   by J C Lester

Ethics of Liberty
   by Murray N Rothbard  

I Must Speak Out: Best of The Voluntaryist
   by Carl Watner 

Law's Order: What Economics Has To Do with Law and Why It Matters
   by David D Friedman  

Logic of Action
   by Murray N Rothbard

Lysander Spooner Reader
   by Lysander Spooner 

Making Economic Sense
   by Murray N Rothbard  

Man, Economy, and State: A Treatise on Economic Principles
   by Murray N Rothbard

Our Enemy, the State
   by Albert J Nock

Power & Market: Government and The Economy
   by Murray N Rothbard  

   by Anthony de Jasay

Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law
   by Randy Barnett  

To Serve and Protect: Privatization and Community in Criminal Justice
   by Bruce L Benson

 Other works:

Nobel Prize-winning free-market economist F.A. Hayek was also a defender of what he called “spontaneous order.” See generally, his The Mirage of Social Justice, volume II of Law, Legislation, and Liberty, published by the University of Chicago Press, 1976. See also J. Birner, ed., Hayek: Co-Ordination and Evolution, 1994.

Unfortunately, Christians have not frequently spoken in defense of “anarchism.” One exception is Jacques Ellul, Professor of Law at the University of Bordeaux, France, in Anarchy and Christianity Grand Rapids: Eerdmans (1988).

Works by Murray Rothbard and Bruce Benson are particularly recommended.

Here is a bibliography of Books on Liberty from an anarcho-capitalist website which logically leads to anarcho-capitalism even though most of the authors were not themselves anarcho-capitalists:

Other articles:

The Myth of 'Limited Government'
Joseph Sobran on the State and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Born To Be a Paleolibertarian
Brad Edmonds on anarcho-capitalism and cultural conservatism.

More articles from Rockwell.com on anarcho-capitalism

It should be noted, however, that the purpose of our thesis is not to defend the proposition that national defense, utilities, or arbitration of disputes can be more efficiently handled by private agencies. These are pragmatic or utilitarian considerations. Our focus is more theological:  whether abolition of the State is an ethically viable option from a Biblical perspective.

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