Objections to Anarcho-Theocracy:
Romans 13

We focus first on the most universally-cited objection to Anarcho-Theocracy: Romans 13:1-7. Defenders of limited socialism rely on Paul’s language describing the Roman Empire as “ordained by God.” Most commentators on the passage deny that Paul is speaking only of God’s predestinating decree. They contend that God affirmatively commands or gives ethical approval to the existence of the State. Where these commands are cited by the commentators, we will answer them.

For the most part, however, no such commands are cited by the commentators. Our contention is that there are no such commands. James Benjamin Green, in his Harmony of the Westminster Standards, has rightly noted that in Romans 13:

It is not meant that God directly ordained the state by saying to man, Thou shalt set up a government or organize a commonwealth.

Our analysis begins here.

Interaction with the Commentators