Theocracy and “Anarcho-Theocracy”

Anarchism: It is the purpose of this Thesis to offer a Biblical (Calvinist) justification for the abolition of the State.

Theocracy: As Calvinists we believe in the Sovereignty of God. We believe that every individual, every family, every voluntary association, every business -- even every nation-state, every empire, and every other organized criminal syndicate -- is morally (Biblically) obligated to bring every area of life under the jurisdiction of God and His Word

Theocracy” comes from two Greek words, Theos, God, and kratein, to rule.
A Theocracy is where God rules, or governs.

Every human action and relationship should be “Theocratic.” Therefore our social goal is to turn America into a Christian Theocracy. 

Theocracy Defined