Calvinism and

Undergirding this Thesis is the belief that Western Civilization is Christian Civilization, and Calvinism is the most consistent form of Biblical Christianity.[1]

Admittedly, John Calvin affirmed the ethical legitimacy of the State. But we believe that everything else Calvin said logically leads to anarcho-capitalism.

We are losing what the Founding Fathers fought for. The house they built is being eaten by termites. To restore it, we must replace each plank of wood with Calvinist wood free of all unBiblical termites. Those termites, we contend, are "archist" notions of the ethical legitimacy of institutionalized sin which we call "the State," notions which affect citizens as well as politicians.

Unfortunately, Calvin perpetuated some of these archist notions. We have analyzed them here:

Calvinism – Predestination – Providence – is the key to understanding Romans 13

Here is a link to the Founding Fathers’ view of Providence. This view is expanded in a series of essays on Predestination. The Sovereignty of God – not the moral legitimacy of the State – is the subject of Romans 13. That passage is discussed here. Those three links actually comprise 30 essays in sub-links.

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