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The Catholic Worker movement has always been in tension with the modern world.

The factory has always been set in antithesis to the farm. While useful in crafts and cottage industries, tools have nevertheless been greeted with some distrust in the movement.In the late 1990's, the movement is being split over whether prophets can prophesy on the Internet.

Opposing industrialism, the movement has nevertheless extended its vision through the use of the printing press. In early editions of The Catholic Worker newspaper, Peter Maurin urged every parish to secure and use one of those new-fangled "mimeograph" machines to "indoctrinate" and "re-construct."

The Agrarianist/Industrialist debate can never be resolved by focusing on tools. "Technology" comes from a Greek word meaning "art, craft, or skill." We cannot oppose all tools, or blame the inanimate computer for the New World Order being crafted today. We must ask, What is being built; Why is it being built? and not, What tools are involved.

And in an age of "fractional reserve banking," We must ask also, How is it paid for?

This cyber-booklet shows that the way to oppose the modern industrialist world is not to focus on its tools, but to prevent any tools from being built which do not develop through non-violent Personalism. We must go to the root of unBiblical ends and fraudulent means. The modern industrialized world has been financed through a usurious monetary system which is completely at odds with Biblical Law. Had we followed Biblical Economics, the entire Military-Industrial Complex could not have been funded; it could not have come into being.

An argument that a computer -- or a printing press -- is "sinful" finds no Scriptural support. An argument that the entire industrialist infrastructure was financed by conspicuous fraud and oppressing the poor finds repeated confirmation in the Law and the Prophets.

The incredible irony is that there are progressives who oppose technology, and yet by their payments of interest on their mortgages are helping to fund the Military-Industrialist Complex through its high-tech money-system.

We need to return to Biblical Monetary principles. This booklet shows how.


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