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The Ungodliest Man in the World!

Who is it?

Is it Bill Clinton, supporter of pedophiles, child-killers, and ATF massacres?

Is it one of many Communist Dictators, murderers of millions, persecutors of Christians?

Let me give you a shocking possible answer:

We'll call him Smith. He publicly criticizes certain policies of the Clinton Administration, and goes to church every Sunday, in a conservative, "Bible-believing" denomination.

Yet . . .

Every day Smith performs acts which the Bible describes as "abominable." (No, I'm not talking about what he eats.) These acts involve theft from weak and defenseless people. Smith makes money performing these acts, and he gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to communist dictators and henchmen of the "New World Order." His contributions have financed the murder of millions. He has taken an oath of allegiance to an occultic organization, and this oath was declared by the U.S. Supreme Court (1844, 1989) to indicate agreement with a "form of infidelity," that is, opposition to Biblical Christianity.

Now, before I identify this man of lawlessness, I want to ask you a question: Are you willing to obey God's Law at any cost?

I'm not going to try to set this argument up as eloquently as Nathan did when he spoke to King David.

You will probably say Yes, you are committed to follow God's Word and you will probably say that anyone who does the things I've accused "Smith" of doing is a rank Secular Humanist and a very evil man.

But suppose I were to say that YOU are the man I've called "Smith"? Suppose I were to show you how YOU have committed "abominable" acts, have stolen from the poor, have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to communist dictators, have helped murder millions (or have at least remained silent), have promised loyalty to an occultic organization, and would be identified by the U.S. Supreme Court as an "infidel." I wager you would say, "Well, not really; not in the same way; that doesn't really count." Hedge, hedge; fudge, fudge. God's Law turns out to mean something for Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltzin, but not for you.

If you really are serious about following God's Law, then consider the following carefully.

Abominable Acts
Every time you go to the store and purchase groceries with "Federal Reserve Notes," you commit an act plainly called "abominable" by the Bible, but you blame the government. Read the Bible.
Violence against the Poor
You violate Biblical prohibitions against borrowing, and you debase the currency in order to create your loan.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars to dictators
If a communist dictator asked you for one dollar to help buy a whip for the torture of one of his prisoners, would you give it to him? If you want to come to grips with one of the most incredible economic statistics of our day, just DO THE MATH: the average "home-owner" pays over a quarter of a million dollars in interest over the course of his 30-year mortgage. The same people who complain about "jewish bankers" rush like suckling pigs to them whenever they lower their interest rates. The banks then make deals with the U.S. government to loan your money to communist dictatorships. Tell me that you know for an absolute fact that not a dime of your money has gone to support communism.
The Murder of Millions
Patriotic support of "government" is support of genocide. More murders are committed by the State than by "criminals" (from which it supposedly protects us).
The State is Occultic
There is not a cross on the back of your one-dollar bill. It is a pyramid with an "all-seeing eye" on top. If this is not "occult," what is?
America: A Nation of Infidels
The Supreme Court has admitted that the oath which ends "so help me, god" is an affirmation of "infidelity."

I invite your comments. Send them to Kevin4VFT@aol.com

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