The Christmas Conspiracy

Producing Patriarchs Who Are:

Accomplished Accurate Alert
Amiable Analytical Aspiring
Available Bold Calm
Cautious Charitable Chaste
Cheerful Compassionate Composed

Concentration Confidence Contemplative
Contentment Cooperative Counsel
Courage Courtesy Creativity
Decisiveness Deference
Dependability Determination Diligence
Discernment Discretion Earnest
Endurance Efficiency Emotions
Energy Enthusiasm Expressiveness
Faithful Flexibility
Foresight Forgiveness Frankness
Frugality Generosity Gentleness
Goal Direction Goal Apprehension Gratefulness
Honesty Hope Hospitality
Humility Industry Initiative
Interest in People Justice Joy
Kindness Love Loyalty
Manners Maturity Meekness
Memory Motivation of Others Music
Neatness Non-violent Objectivity
Organization Overcomer Parenting
Patience Perfection Perseverance
Persistence Persuasiveness Planning
Punctuality Purposefulness Reading
Recovery Relaxation Resoluteness
Resourcefulness Respectfulness Responsibility
Reverence Security Self-Assurance
Self-Discipline Self-Education Self-Improvement
Self-Respect Self-Starting Sensitivity
Sincerity Speech Success
Thoroughness Thriftiness Tolerance
Touch Truthfulness Virtuous
Wisdom Work for Quality