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The Christmas Conspiracy!




"And He will judge between many peoples
And render decisions for mighty, distant nations.
And each of them will sit under his
Vine and under his Fig Tree
With no one to make them afraid
Micah 4:3-4


        Human beings are created as familial beings. Nobody comes into existence except through a heterosexual family. That family is either a dysfunctional family, or a Godly Patriarchy.
        There was no priesthood nor State in the Garden, only the Family. The task of exercising dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26-28) is given to the family, the training ground for morality, forgiveness, and self-discipline.
        The Family is the natural conduit of the supernatural power of Christ.


        After Satan rebelled against God, he incited man to rebel as well, attacking the Family. Cain typifies this rebellion, violently attacking the Household of Faith in order to build the City of Man. Although deserving death, God permitted these pagan rebels to continue living and to institutionalize their attack on the Family in the form of the State, with faithless men placed under the "guardianship" of the rebellious angels. Foolish Israel played the harlot with these political pimps.


        The Old Testament is the history of Israel's political harlotry. Although God used this spiritual adultery for His own sovereign historical and pedagogical purposes, and though God is completely sovereign over the hardness of political hearts, rebellion against Patriarchy is a demonic rebellion against God, and the formation and maintenance of political systems (the State) is sinful.
        Agents of Babylon continue to attempt to seduce -- or, in failing, to attack -- the Family.
        In response to the Spiritless failure of God's Families in the Old Age, social "pedagogues" were instituted "at the hand of angels" which pointed to the Coming Day when the Messiah would fulfill the promise that "all the families of the earth would be blessed." Now that the Seed has come, these pedagogical institutions are no longer needed.


        Jesus Christ, the True Man, the Second Adam, was born into a Family. Family authority had priority over State and church. Because of His obedience, Jesus became our sinless example.
        As more and more people begin to observe the requirements of Biblical Law (the Standard of Christ's Kingdom), emperors, politicians, and bureaucrats will disappear (Mark 10:42-45). The Family will take upon itself the responsibilities God originally gave it, overseeing the health, education, and welfare of itself and those in need, bringing reconciliation to the world in the Name of Christ. The world will turn from Babylon to Christian Patriarchies for wisdom and comfort. The reign of Christ will be extended.
        Through Godly Families, the influence of the Holy Spirit will pervade a culture and property will be secure from thieves and bureaucrats. Obedient families will grow and prosper with a degree of autonomy that would be called "anarchy" by a society without the Spirit; with the Spirit there is peace and security. The generosity and fellowship of Christian Communities will be called "socialism" by some, but will prompt others to enter the Kingdom (John 17:21).


        "Patriarchy" is an obscenity in the modern world. It is clearly the Biblical ideal. The book of Genesis reveals that Abraham's household consisted of hundreds of people, most of whom were not related by blood. The Bible calls Abraham, the father of the faithful, a "Patriarch." Up until our own violent century, the term has always been one of respect and admiration. But the "feminist" movement has made "patriarchy" a boogeyman; modernism has made the Bible passÚ. And the 20th century -- the most individualist and least "patriarchal" century in human history -- has become the most violent and tyrannical. Secular "feminism" has been a colossal failure of archetypal proportions. And those in our day who advocate "family values" are only scratching the surface.
        By advocating Biblical "Patriarchy," Vine & Fig Tree does not defend the oppressive domination of women by men. Vine & Fig Tree defends the benevolent domination of human society by the love and self-sacrifice of the "anarchist"/"pacifist" Christian family, which educates, employs, and cares for the weak, and displaces the impersonalist bureaucratic imperialism of the Garrison State. The conflict of the ages is not men vs. women, but institutional religion and politics vs. patriarchy, and "self-defense" vs. the Cross. The violent work of the Empire is always orchestrated by secular Úlites and carried out by dysfunctional members of the complacent, self-centered "nuclear family."

Micah's vision of Patriarchy is
communitarian, decentralized, contented, and non-violent.
At war with this tradition, the modern world is
atomistic, tyrannical, covetous, and destructive.        

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This is our example: Luke 2:40,52; 1 Peter 2:21; Hebrews 5:8-9.  [Back]

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