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Back in the mid 1980's I circulated a "Studyletter" called "PATRIARCHY." These are the major essays in that series (which I am presently converting to HTML) along with links to the "95 Theses on Patriarchy."

Patriarchy: A Definition

Family vs. Church and State: A History

The Bible Describes the Battle

In the Garden of Eden there was the Family. There was no priesthood, no State.

All human beings are created in families. Patriarchy is an inescapable concept. If the Christian pater does not train his family in the Ways of Peace, he will be oppressed by a “paternalistic” State.

The Institutions of Church and State are unBiblical. They reflect rebellion against God's Law.

The whole history of man as recorded in the Bible is the history of sinful rebellion against society as created in the Garden of Eden, and the construction of institutions based on coercion and violence. It is the history of Politics vs. Patriarchy.

Not Priesthood, nor Statecraft: The Family is God's Central Institution.

Training Ground for Morality, Forgiveness, Self-Discipline, Competence.

Obedience through the Family eliminates tyranny, protects property.

Institutions such as Church and State were formed in rebellion, not faith.

The Christmas Conspiracy Is the Product of the Home

The Fifth Archetype: Family

Christmas Conspiracy


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