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Liberty Under God

The United States of America became the greatest nation on earth by following this simple principle:

Liberty Under God

For America's Founding Fathers, "Liberty Under God" meant that no person or group has the right to prevent others from living peacefully under their "Vine & Fig Tree."

For decades, this principle has been under attack by all three branches of government. Congress has been delegating our liberties away, the President has sacrificed our liberties in a short-sighted quest for "security," and the Supreme Court has been at war with God for two generations. 

Most students can graduate from college without ever hearing what the Founding Fathers meant by the phrases "Liberty Under God" and "Vine & Fig Tree."

Liberty Under God should not be just an empty slogan to parade about on patriotic occasions. The Christmas Conspiracy is willing to risk being labeled "politically incorrect" by sticking to this principle as consistently as America's Founders did -- or even more so.


The contrast between contemporary America and her Founding Fathers is seen in the fact that the Founders were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to fight taxes which scholars estimate at 3-5%. Americans blithely pay ten times as much without more than occasional comment about taxes being "too high." The ratification of the Constitution was not an easy process, as Americans were concerned about surrendering even the slightest liberty. Most of these liberties have been lost.

Under God

Should we take up arms against the government? Members of The Christmas Conspiracy oppose violent revolution, even America's War for Independence, but agree with the Founders that Britain's infringement on our liberties was immoral. The Founders recognized that society could not be held togetheróand the rights of human beings protectedówithout the pervasive effect of religion and morality. The oft-repeated slogan of "separation of church and state" no longer has anything to do with churches or church denominations (as the Founders intended), but in practice means the separation of God and state, something opposed by every single person who signed the Constitution.

Limitations on government power and human rights flowed naturally from the Christian presuppositions of Western Civilization

Limited Government
Human Dignity
Under God
Rights Given by God
Accountable to God 
Moral Absolutes

Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are required to take "Continuing Education" classes to remain up-to-date and fully qualified to practice their profession. We should all be professional Americans. This web site is my effort to provide "Continuing American Education."

Throughout this web site you will find insights into the relationship between liberty and true religion. You'll find criticisms of government programs which infringe on liberty and replace true religion with a false religion which undercuts public virtue and personal responsibility. You'll find historical information on the true foundations of the American system, and a classroom full of resources on the economic and political theory which distinguishes America from all the socialistic nations of the world. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have abandoned these principles. Now you have a chance to join a movement that will give a voice for traditional American values which brought the prosperity that amazed the world, making America the most respected and admired nation in history.

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