To Save America, We Must Abolish the United States




The Christmas Conspiracy!
Federal Issues
Internal Security and Civil Liberties

The 108th Congress should:

  • not try to "protect" our liberties by abolishing them in the name of "security."

The Federal Government cannot provide security. The more we look to the Federal Government for security, the fewer liberties we will have to enjoy.

Government + Terrorism vs. the People

Asking the Government to bring "security" is a Marxist delusion. Trusting government to fight terrorism is un-American. Government and terrorism are both threats to liberty. The heroes of Flight 93 showed us that Americans must take personal responsibility for our freedoms.

9-11 should have forced a wholesale re-evaluation of America's defense and foreign policy, which has for years been aiding terrorism and setting the stage for its unleashing. Instead, the machinery of the federal government went into high gear in the same wrong-headed direction, destroying the liberties of Americans. Consider this metaphor:

The Exterminators

You hire an exterminator to protect your home from termites. The exterminator promises that his protection will give you the freedom to enjoy the blessings of homeownership. You spend more for the exterminators than you do for the education of your children, but you gain a sense of security. Every now and then the exterminators show up at your house, you see a show of force, you think the exterminators are on the job and your house is safe from termites.

Then one day a wall of your house caves in, revealing a long-active termite infestation. Evidence indicates that the exterminators you hired had been breeding these termites in the hopes that they would attack your neighbor, who had hired a rival exterminator. You're ready to fire your exterminator, but you are told:

  1. You have no choice in the exterminator you want to protect your house.
  2. Your exterminator has declared a "war on termites," and this means you will not be permitted to use your kitchen for the duration of the "war." You will have to unload your groceries down the block and walk to your house, and be searched at the door.
  3. You will have to pay much more for the "services" of these exterminators than you were paying them before they allowed termites to infest your home.

Does this make any sense? Am I "unpatriotic" for asking these questions?

There seems no doubt that our government knew enough to prevent the terrorist attacks of 9-11

The additional funds appropriated by Congress to fight a "war on terrorism" were therefore unnecessary. Since the FBI, police, immigration and other authorities already knew about the presence of terrorists and their intentions, how will additional funds prevent a similar attack?

The tragic conclusion cannot be avoided: the terrorist attack has become a ruse for increasing government power and diminishing the liberties of The People. The "War on Terrorism" is not designed to give security to the People, but to give more power to the politicians.

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