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Defense is listed under "Foreign Policy" because Defense is no longer viewed solely as the Founding Fathers viewed it -- as the defense of our homeland against foreign invaders -- but now embraces U.S. military intervention in foreign nations.

Liberty and Security

Although the federal government spends hundreds of billions of dollars a year on "defense," few Americans feel as secure as they did 15 or 20 years ago. Even if we doubled that budget, we would not feel more secure. In fact, if we shipped more arms to foreign nations, doubled the number of soldiers wearing jungle camouflage in our airports, and increased the number of bombs that are capable of obliterating millions of non-combatant civilians, we would probably have an even greater feeling of insecurity. We would feel that our liberties were even more threatened.

Suppose that instead of increasing the defense budget, we radically slashed it. How would this affect our nation's security?

Surprisingly, the more we cut, the more secure we will be.

Even the most inexperienced political observer can guess that the 108th Congress will not cut the defense budget by much, if at all. We can only imagine the effect on Congress and upon the national debate if a Congressman boldly and articulately advocated the following:

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