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Federal Issues
The Defense Budget

The 108th Congress can and should:
  • reduce the budget for national defense from the current sum of about $300 billion to $185 billion (in fiscal year 2002 dollars)—in increments over five years;
  • make it clear that the reduced budget must be accompanied by a more restrained national military posture that requires enough forces to fight one major theater war instead of the current posture based on the need to wage two nearly simultaneous wars;
  • restructure U.S. forces to reflect the American geostrategic advantage of virtual invulnerability to invasion by deeply cutting ground forces (Army and Marines) while retaining a larger percentage of the Navy and Air Force;
  • authorize a force structure of 5 active-duty Army divisions (down from 10 now), 1 active Marine division (reduced from 3 now), 14 Air Force fighter wings (down from 20 now), 200 Navy ships (down from 316), and 6 carrier battle groups with 6 Navy air wings (reduced from 12 and 11, respectively);
  • require that the armed services compensate for reduced active forces by relying more on the National Guard and the reserves in any major conflict;
  • terminate weapons systems that are unneeded or are relics of the Cold War and use the savings to give taxpayers a break and to beef up neglected mission areas;
  • terminate all peacekeeping and overseas presence missions so that the armed services can concentrate on training to fight wars and to deploy from the U.S. homeland in an expeditionary mode should that become necessary; and
  • require negotiations with Russia to mutually reduce strategic nuclear warheads below START II levels—to about 1,500 war-heads each.
  • reduce tax expenditures by privatization through letters of Marque and Reprisal

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We will not even begin to see substantive cuts in a bloated military budget unless we begin a national debate on the subject of "National Security: Who Ensures It?"

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