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The Christmas Conspiracy!
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Conspiracy or Consensus?

Critics of the government are often accused of believing in "conspiracy theories." The more they criticize inefficiency and gross blunders, the more plausible it seems that they believe these "mistakes" are deliberate: a "conspiracy."

If that term bothers you, then we can talk about a "consensus." Many people in government and in government think tanks are agreed that the United States of America should be abolished and "the anarchy of nations" replaced with a one-world government. Not a "conspiracy," just an "agreement," a "consensus of opinion," birds of a feather flocking together. 

Conspiracy or Consensus?

The problem is, mainstream news sources, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor, have all described a collusion that differs very little from a "conspiracy." The difference between an intellectual consensus and a conspiracy is that conspirators seek and obtain power to implement their vision; in this case, political power.

Conspiracy: Where's the Proof?

But no matter how clever those who oppose the principles of "Liberty Under God," or how much political power they obtain, in the long run, their conspiracies will not succeed.

The Doom of the Open Conspiracy

Americans two, three, or four generations from now will not be locked in "The New World Order." They will have many options.