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My name is Kevin Craig. In my spare time I write web pages for extremists.

Whether you're a "radical leftist" or a "right-wing extremist" I think you'll like my pages.

There are two kinds of people who hate my pages: people who defend the status quo (the "lukewarm") and people who resort to violence when they are upset with the status quo. But if you think things are not as they should be, you may find some challenging suggestions in these pages.

I was raised in a very conservative and patriotic home. I now live in a radical left-wing hippie commune called the Catholic Worker. Actually, my home was not all that patriotic; my parents routinely criticized the government. And at the Catholic Worker we try to get homeless drug addicts on their feet and make them more "normal."
indent.gif (90 bytes)My point: don't try to categorize me! :-) If you think of yourself as a "conservative" or a "right-winger," you'll find a lot to agree with on my pages. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with the "Religious Right," you will be comfortable with someone who was kicked out of the Right.

Still, some people are suspicious. They categorize people into compartments. Well, here are compartments for those who live in dichotomies:

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I am trying to start a couple of movements. One is called

Vine & Fig Tree

and the other is called


Jesus says a man is known by his fruits.
Here are some of mine.

Chalcedon Scholar

Catholic Worker

Would-be Attorney

Chalcedon: Right-Wing Extremism

I used to be a Chalcedon Scholar, and had a regular column in the Chalcedon Report. I hope someday to have those articles on the web. Here's a jump to Chalcedon. Newsweek Magazine called Chalcedon the "think tank for the Religious Right." R.J. Rushdoony, founder of Chalcedon, has eloquently exposed the "Messianic Character" of the American Empire. Cornelius Van Til prompted me to critique the "American Baptist Culture." It was the Christian Reconstruction movement that taught me to make the Bible my Absolute Authority in life, and it was the Bible that made me an "anarchist" and "pacifist" in the eyes of the "Reconstructionists." After being forced out of the movement, I turned to a movement widely regarded as a radical left-wing movement:

The Catholic Worker: Left Wing Radicalism

In actuality, the Catholic Worker is a right-wing anti-Communist movement. The name is a take-off on the Communist Party newspaper, the Daily Worker. Although I have been a part of this movement for about 10 years, I can assure you that most Catholic Workers would be embarrassed to have someone say they were a part of a right-wing movement; with a few notable exceptions, the movement is now thoroughly leftist and "politically correct." The CW initiated opposition to the Vietnam War in the early 60's. The Berrigan brothers stand in this tradition. (But the CW also joined Pat Buchanan as one of the few voices against the Gulf War.)

So why do I live in a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality? Francis and Edith Schaeffer opened their home to those who were searching for life's answers. They spoke of people who live in a culture which worships the god of "personal peace and affluence." In Matthew 25 Jesus says these idolators will not be spending eternity with Him. These are people who did not give Jesus food when He was hungry, drink when He was thirsty, clothes when He was naked, did not visit Him when He was in prison, or when He was sick. As I reflected on my life, I realized I was a "suburbanite," who lived in an area which had been deliberately and systematically insulated from these kinds of people. I realized there was something structurally wrong with my lifestyle. The Catholic Worker repudiates individualist secular materialism.

Craig vs. California State Bar

After passing the California Bar Exam, I was confronted with the fact that members of the Catholic Worker and other kindred spirits have been told by the U.S. Supreme Court that because of their beliefs they will not be allowed to take the oath to "support the Constitution," even if they want to. Because they put God ahead of the law of the State, it cannot be said "in good faith" that they "support the Constitution"; they really only support God, and if they agree with anything the State says, it's only a coincidence. I asked the State Bar to modify the oath required of attorneys, and the Bar refused. My case is now in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

I asked not only to have the "support the Constitution" language changed, but I asked to use the words of the oath from the 1776 Delaware Constitution, which is explicitly Trinitarian. I argued that my religion requires explicit allegiance to God, and that recent decisions secularizing the oath were contrary to my Christian faith. If I win this case, I will claim that I was right, and that the secular oath really was contrary to Christian principles. If I lose, it will only be because the State has an anti-Christian agenda.

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If you have any other questions, please write me at Kevin4VFT@KevinCraig.US

Christmas Conspiracy


Vine & Fig Tree

Paradigm Shift


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