Sure there are abuses, but . . .

. . . we can't just abolish the State altogether; we must reform it.

Sure the State kills too many people and charges too much to finance its activities.

But our goal should be to be vigilant and reduce government waste and corruption.

Not to abolish it.


You cannot "reform" the Mafia
. Our criticism of the State does not depend on its being "abusive" or "corrupt." The "ideal" state is still immoral, and the closer to " ideal" it is, the more it exposes the corruption of the individuals who support it. No reforms can ever make the State just.

Go ahead. Paint a picture of the "ideal state." 

Never mind all that. Let's limit our discussion to a state that kills just one bad guy a year and charges only one dollar.

Can this minimal state be justified?

Isn't the very idea of the state -- the essential concept of the state -- institutionalized sin? Isn't POLITICAL SCIENCE the moral justification of actions which would clearly and universally be recognized as sin were they to be committed by a "private" party? How do we justify these otherwise sinful actions?

What does the person who supports the State really want?

(Of course, most people who defend "the State" also really want social order, peace, and prosperity. They genuinely fear that without "the State," society will collapse into chaos. This website is passionately committed to social order. But pagan idolators really want salvation, and genuinely believe that they will be lost without their shamans or human sacrifices. The end does not justify the means. God forbids the crowning of a king and promises that He will be our King, our Lawgiver and our Judge, and that He will save us (Isaiah 33:22), that is, bring national security and prosperity. To seek social order and social salvation through political means is simply faithlessness.

The burden of this website is to convince the reader that there is no Biblical justification for the institutionalization of murder, theft, and kidnapping which we call "the State."


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