Four Theonomic Prohibitions of Socialism

4. The Dominion Mandate (Genesis 1:26-28)

The overwhelming majority of Christians do not take seriously the mandate we have as stewards over the creation. Christians generally relegate their faith to the "private" sphere, ignoring the world around them, or simply following the orders of the "principalities and powers."

God commands human beings to “exercise dominion” over the earth. Socialists are inherently inefficient stewards of God’s earth, as capitalists have proven (see resources above), therefore socialism violates this mandate.

There is no need for a civil government to carry out the Dominion Mandate.

But there is a need for Christians to consider the implications of the Dominion Mandate, and reclaim every area of life, every aspect of human culture, all human action - even "politics" - and place them under the Lordship of Christ and God's Commands.

Those who passively allow the State to perform vital social functions often do so as a means of escaping personal responsibility for these functions, and also violate the Dominion Mandate. There is a strong correlation between socialism and immorality: as a society moves toward higher levels of morality, it moves away from state socialism toward anarcho-capitalism.

More on the Dominion Mandate.

If the Dominion Mandate were carried out faithfully, there would be no State.

Christianity is infected by "neo-platonism," the view that despises the material world. Christians thus infected tend to ignore political and social issues.

The God Who created the world intends to save it.