A Prima-Facie Case for Anarcho-Theocracy

In a court of law the Prosecution must bring a convincing case against the accused, who is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The Defense attorneys don't have to call a single witness if the Prosecution fails to meet its burden of producing a case which is prima facie -- "at first appearance" -- convincing. When a prima facie case has been made, a person is reasonably and ethically justified in accepting that position until counter evidence is set forth.

Probably most church-goers have never read the Bible from cover to cover as they would a Harry Potter book. We contend that a person reading through the Bible is warranted in believing that the State is evil. We will summarize the teachings of the Bible in such a way that a reasonable person would be forced to agree with us (that "the State" has no moral legitimacy) until contrary evidence is brought forth.


We assume our jurors have taken Christian Ethics 101, and have heard Christ teach the duty to love one's enemies and eschew vengeance and violence. Our first witness is John Calvin, in his comments on Romans 12:17-21.

We could rest our case here, but after the recess we will submit:

We will close by summing up the entire Bible, which never gives anyone the right to take vengeance: