“Ninety-Five Theses on the State”

The heart of our thesis is a survey of the State in Scripture. Just to be cute, we have divided our survey into 95 key events or commandments which either show the State to be immoral, or champion decentralized free market approaches to social problems. Along the way we discuss several other doctrines which are implicitly or explicitly presupposed in the mainstream expositions of Romans 13, such as “the depravity of man,” the predestined decline of civilization before the Second Coming (eschatology), and the “separation of church and state.”

The Theses are arranged chronologically, as you would find them reading through the Bible. They are organized under the following heads:

A. Anarcho-Theocracy Before the Fall

B. Anarcho-Theocracy Before the Flood

C. Anarcho-Theocracy Before Sinai

D. Anarcho-Theocracy Under Moses

E. Anarcho-Theocracy and the Rise of the State

F. Anarcho-Theocracy and Providence: the State

G. Anarcho-Theocracy and the Messiah

H. Anarcho-Theocracy and the Early Home-Churches

I. Anarcho-Theocracy in the MillenniUm