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Vine & Fig Tree represents a return to a forgotten perspective; a world-and-life view which has throughout history been held by a minority (a remnant), has always been a threat to insecure persons in positions of power (and the masses who slavishly bow to them), but has nevertheless been universally recognized (at least in word) as the humane ideal of all civilized men. We are simply so "naive," so "impractical," and so "idealistic" that we advocate the position openly, and encourage everyone -- not just a remnant -- to teach and practice such ideals.


Until the post-Reformation revival of Greco-Roman paganism, the Christian world believed in the creation of the world by a transcendent, infinite-personal God. His revelation to us in the Bible records this creation occurring in six days, not more than a few thousand years ago, culminating in the placement of Man -- God's image-bearer -- in a Garden paradise in Eden. Although Man soon decided it was better to rule over others in a wilderness than to serve God and Man in the Garden, the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is going to convince Man to return to the Garden, and that the same Spirit will regenerate the entire globe, restoring Edenic conditions. Philosophers and politicians --
• preferring transitory sexual exploitation to Marriage
• and corporate fascism to decentralized productivity
-- masterminded a shift in perspective from Creationism to Evolutionism using State-schools and elite "scientific" spokesmen from the "Military-Industrial Complex." "Creationism" was self-consciously rejected not because it was "unscientific" (all scientists and naturalists were creationists before the modern revival of paganism) but because of the moral demands the Creationist Bible made upon Man. As "creationists" we are "Bible-believers."


Jesus said that Gentile kings love to be "archists" -- they love to rule over men, living off them politically rather than serving them economically. But Jesus said His disciples are to be servants, not "archists" (Mark 10:42-45). The origin of the idea to "be as god" and exercise man-centered predestination and dominion over others came from the mouth of Satan (Genesis 3:5). Although the founders of pagan nations quickly rebelled against family-centered economies to form political machines (Genesis 10), it took several centuries for God's chosen people to work up the nerve to openly call for "archist" systems (I Samuel 8) which we now generally call "the State." Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is going to disarm and disable the empires (I Corinthians 15:24-25), either by turning dictators and politicians into disciples and producers or by allowing the empires to self-destruct (Isaiah 10, 13). "Men must choose to be governed by God or they condemn themselves to be ruled by tyrants" (William Penn).

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When we think of "anarchism" we think of bomb-throwing assassins. When we think of "socialism" we think of dictatorship and the loss of private property. Curiously, "anarcho-socialism" is the complete antithesis of both of these phenomena. Politically speaking, "anarcho-socialists" defend private property, the Family, and a market economy. Bombs, bullets, and ballots are all repudiated. The "anarcho-socialist" is a spontaneous, productive, self-governing servant. But unlike "anarcho-capitalists," who hold that the individual is primary and extol the "virtue of selfishness," "anarcho-socialists" are not unmindful of Man's need for community. The creationist anarcho-socialist is dedicated to obeying Biblical Law, which perfectly balances the protection of the individual and the holistic development and harmony of human community, reflecting the character of the God Who authored it -- in Whom Oneness (monotheism; unity) is equally ultimate with Manyness (trinitarianism; diversity).

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