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Meditation and Vows

Christian meditation is vastly different from "meditation" as understood by "New Age" and eastern religions. For these religions, "meditation" often involves an emptying of the mind. Christian meditation involves a filling of the mind and spirit and a re-born will which is empowered to love God and neighbor. Part of Christian meditation involves an act of will called "vowing." Oaths and Vows are an important part of the Christian life, yet they are widely ignored in our day.

We have discussed oaths elsewhere.

  • Our nation is experiencing profound crises because our political leaders do not respect oaths.
  • In our own lives, we experience problems because we do not understand the power of a vow.

Our program of "meditation" is actually a program of vows, following the pattern of vows found in Scripture, especially the Pslams. The following will prove helpful in understanding how our program works:

  1. See how Christians in days past advocated vows.
  2. Learn about Oaths and Vows in the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  3. Learn about "Personalizing Scripture."
  4. The "Prophetic Present Tense" - Don't say "I will," say "I do."
  5. Compare vow-taking and acting. Is this external "legalism?"

These are the major features of a program which can help you develop the character of Christ. Developing Godly character is the most pressing task of Christians today. While most people absorb the values of the world on TV, architects of global dictatorship are putting the finishing touches on their tower of transnational finance and political control. If we are to "be not ye the slaves of men" (1 Corinthians 7:23) we must put to death the slave-mentality and cultivate the character of Christ's dominion.

Vine & Fig Tree's meditation program is explained to those who have undergone a "searching and fearless moral inventory" of their lives, according to the standard of God's Law. Begin your inventory here.

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