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How to Develop Godly Character

A Deceptively Simple Program

God is the Playwright - We are On Stage

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes) 1. Pick a Role    checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes) 2. Study the Script   
checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes) 3. Learn the Character     checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes) 4. Rehearse the Part   
checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes) 5. Live it out

1. Pick a trait from the character list to work on (or start with one of your own!).

2. Study God's Law concerning this trait

a. Get to know the Director

  • He is Sovereign. He knows how the play will end because He predestined it.
  • He is loving. He wants you to accept the most challenging part; He wants to help you achieve an immortal performance.

b. The Director has communicated His will in the Bible

c. Realize that God's Commands do not always start with "Thou shalt" or "Thou shalt not."

Study Biblical Rhetoric

d. Create Inventory of Commands on This Character Trait

3. For Each Verse: Gain Understanding

a. Dictionary: Define the Trait

b. Etymology

  • root meaning of trait
  • clues for more traits

c. Synonyms

d. Antonyms

  • Opposite of commanded Trait
  • Absence
  • Excess

4. Commitment: Meditate on God's Law

a. Personalize the verse

b. Understand Vows

c. Kill your old man

Repudiate abuses, excesses, opposites

d. Meditations on New Life

Draft Affirmation/Vow of

  • each verse
  • each aspect of definition,
  • each synomym

Vow in present tense

Visualize Self in Action

5. Acting the Part

Life is not a Rehearsal, and there are no bit parts.
Five minutes of meditation is not enough. It must be lived out.

For Further Study: Why it Works


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