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The Christmas Conspiracy




God's Law:
The Blueprints of the Conspiracy to Overthrow the Old World Order

"'. . . that He may teach us about His ways
And that we may walk in His paths.'
For from Zion will go forth the Law
Even the Word of God from Jerusalem
Micah 4:2

Living Faith

"Faith without works is dead."
James 2:20

Modern Evangelicals find it difficult to fit this verse into their "systematic theology." "Gospel obedience" would seem to be a contradiction in terms. "The gospel isn't something you have to obey," many Protestants will say, "it is a truth that need only be believed." But this is not a faithful presentation of the Biblical teaching. To truly believe God is to obey His every word.

Faith without works is idolatry. In Hebrews chapter 11, we have the catalogue of faithful saints. Each and every one of them is characterized by their obedience to God's commands, and this is precisely how they were faithful in their struggle against idolatry. The history of the saints is a history of faithfulness - obedience - in the face of powerful, idolatrous Empires, and the seductive lure of their propaganda as it comes to us from the mouths of our peers and "friends."

When the New Testament writers speak of the faith, they also speak of obedience to such a faith.[155] The Scripture teaches that the Gospel is to be obeyed, not merely given intellectual assent.[156] The Gospel is not just a doctrine, or a "four-step" prayer to get you into heaven, but a way of life; those adopted into the Royal Family must walk worthy of their new name.[157]

Not only is it wrong to say that doctrines are more important than obedience, there is a sense in which a man is not given doctrine to believe until after he has obeyed the commands that he already has.[158] Disobedience gives power to idolatrous habits, and keeps men in darkness.[159] Thus the Apostles desired obedience in word and deed[160] in order that the Spirit might be given to them in greater measure.[161] Obey a little, with a desire to obey perfectly,[162] and the Spirit gives power to obey even more.

The Bible is quite clear in telling us that only he who is characterized by good works and continues in obedience to the Bible until his death is assured of entering the Eternal Presence of God.[163] If in this life we progress in idolatrous habits, we will only want to persist in them in the next life.

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