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The Christmas Conspiracy




"'. . . that He may teach us about His ways
And that we may walk in His paths.'
For from Zion will go forth the Law
Even the Word of God from Jerusalem
Micah 4:2

God's Law: The Blueprints of the Conspiracy to Overthrow the Old World Order

Law and Politics

The Myth of Pluralism

Law and Politics

Biblical Law is a blueprint for the deconstruction of the old world order and the reconstruction of Christian civilization. The Christian, son of the Patriarch Abraham[1], seeks to conform his life to God's Law. Micah speaks of the day when the majority of people love God's Law from the heart, put it into practice in their lives, and mend the torn fabric of life, replacing the swords of Empire with the plowshares of the Garden.

As we approach the end of the 20th century, most Christians are not interested in the Patriarch Abraham, nor in God's Law, nor in becoming wiser (more skilled in putting God's Law into practice), have little interest in "the fabric of life" (except insofar as it is woven into a pair of "designer" jeans), and care little that the swords of the governments of the world have unjustly killed nearly half a billion people in this century.[2] As we work for the fulfillment of Micah's Command/Prophecy, we struggle with a secular, self-worshiping Empire of Humanism. This Empire has absorbed Christendom. The Church is no threat to modern idolatries. It is itself idolatrous, because it has abandoned God's Law.

Most Christians are not interested in "law." They disdain it. They also say they are not interested in politics, yet they are actively involved in funding despotic regimes which torture and kill millions. Wild claim? Follow the money: A typical, $100,000 house, purchased on a 9% 30-year note, puts nearly a quarter of a million dollars in interest in the hands of financial institutions which are virtual agencies of the State. Combined with taxes and the inflation of the money supply,[2a] these institutions advance the interests of the U.S. government, a self-proclaimed secular state. Middle-class conservatives complain about the government, but they take patriotic pride in their interest-paying, tax-paying, currency debasing lives, which provide the economic lifeblood of the secular state.

The Myth of Pluralism

The U.S. is unquestionably the mightiest nation on earth. Its influence has been utterly determinative of world history in the 20th century. America's leaders are said to be "public servants," in a government "by the People." What kind of superpower has the American People created? The 20th century is the century which has thrown off the "yoke" of religion, and now walk freely, without burdens, liberated by secular "science" (although many urban dwellers are unable to leave their homes after sunset). The world is now basking in the noon-day rays of secular humanist sunshine (although increasing numbers live in the darkess of illiteracy, broken homes, gang violence, and addiction). The "burdens" of Christian ethics have been replaced with the "realpolitik" of secular super-power policies. America's Puritan forefathers sought to establish a "City upon a Hill"; we have dragged America -- and the world -- into the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Isaiah said the government "shall be upon His shoulders."[3] The Christmas Conspiracy is a movement to overthrow the secular state and establish a Christian Theocracy.[4]

Many people today applaud the U.S. Supreme Court for removing Christianity from schools and public institutions, and for opposing the fusion of religion and government.[5] Many people today view "Theocracy" as an unmitigated evil.[6] People fear that "Theocracy" will mean the denial of civil rights and the breeding of a spirit of "intolerance." Secularists bemoan the

turmoil, civil strife, and persecutions, generated in large part by established sects determined to maintain their absolute political and religious supremacy. With the power of the government supporting them, at various times and places, Catholics had persecuted Protestants, Protestants had persecuted Catholics, Protestant sects had persecuted other Protestant sects, Catholics of one shade of belief had persecuted Catholics of another shade of belief, and all of these had from time to time persecuted Jews. In efforts to force loyalty to whatever religious group happened to be on top and in league with the government of a particular time and place, men and women had been fined, cast in jail, cruelly tortured, and killed.[7]

But the Crusades and the Inquisition and the KKK and the Religious Right combined are but a drop in the bucket compared to the denial of civil rights occasioned by the Secular State. Secularism, not Christianity, has made the 20th century the most violent in recorded history.[8] Everyone can see that the Inquisition and the Crusades were evil;[9] only a few have come to see secular government as an even greater evil.[10]

But Christians, who should know God's Law and should know (from their reading of the books of the Kings and the Prophets in the Old Testament) the dangers of political idolatry, are oblivious to 20th century mass murder. The torture of dissidents across the globe - many of them Christians - and the killing of millions as a matter of state policy, is never mentioned in America's Wednesday night prayer meetings. There are no Christian Patriarch "action figures" in the toy stores of America's malls.

The Salt has lost its savor, because it has lost God's Law.

The failure of Christians to believe Micah's glorious promises of the world-wide spread of the Gospel[11] has led them to water-down the content of the Gospel. Modern theologians hold to the embarrassing impotence of the King of kings to accomplish His Kingdom objectives of world-wide dominion. But in their hearts they are repelled by the prospect of such dismal failure, so they dilute the Word of God, thinking to make it more "palatable," thus bringing the large numbers of the heathen that the Scriptures teach will flock to the Gospel.[12] But Micah predicts that men will not respect a watered-down gospel, but will stream to a full-orbed Gospel, one that does not delete one jot or tittle from the Word of God, one that proclaims all the counsel of God.[13]

One of the most destructive errors of modern Evangelicalism is the belief that men can be freed from the eternal consequences of sin ("hell") and yet continue to sin. Great numbers believe that all they have to do is "come forward" to the front of a church, or bow their head, or talk to a "counselor," or repeat "the sinner's prayer," and then they can return to their idols without fear of eternal penalty or consequence. (Of course, if they want to be freed from the consequences of sin in this life, they would have to regularly contribute financially to the church, stop smoking, and get other people to "come forward."[14] Only a few are so "spiritual" as this.)

Many are coming to see that this is far from what Jesus called us to in the "Great Commission."[15] Some have called this practice "easy believism," "cheap discipleship," "sloppy agape," and "greasy grace." It is surely not what the prophet Micah envisioned when he saw a day in which men would actually want to know how to be obedient to the Law of the Gospel.

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(1) Galatians 3:29. God's Law prescribes the Character Traits of a Godly Patriarch.

(2) G. Elliot, Twentieth Century Book of the Dead (1972); R. Rummel, Death by Government (1994) (estimating nearly 200 million intentional State-sponsored killings in this century, not counting killings of those who are not citizens of that State.)

(2a) Rising prices are caused by inflating the money supply. Every time a debtor goes to his local fractional reserve bank to get a home loan or a loan for a car, the bank creates the money for him by debasing the currency. American consumers love their debased currency. It's hard to find one who is not passing off nickel-covered copper coins as if they were good ol'-fashioned silver. This practice is not only unethical (it is lying and stealing), U.S. secular imperialism could not be conducted without it. The Bible calls currency debasement an "abomination" (Proverbs 20:10); Christians should not even possess debased coins (Deuteronomy 25:13-15). When Christianity was culturally dominant, average people understood this (see the U.S. Const., Art. 1, 10, 1). We are now so secular, materialistic, and covetous, we don't have a clue what our Founding Fathers were talking about. See our paper on the subject.

(3) Isaiah 9:6-7.

(4) You heard me. See note 6.

(5) The joining of religion and civil government is inescapable. All civil law is the coercive imposition of a morality. Every society has an ultimate source of morality - a religion - from which springs all law.

(6) Everyone defends a theocracy; theocracy is an inescapable concept. "Theocracy" comes from two Greek words, Theos, meaning "God," and kratos, "power," krateo, "to hold." It means literally "the rule of God [or god]." Since all law is religious (note above), we cannot escape the rule of a god. The most vocal opponents of "theocracy" really only oppose the rule of the God of the Bible as God, but not the rule of Man as god. We now live in a secular theocracy, in which Man is god. A Christian can only support a Christian Theocracy (capital "T").

(7) Everson v. Board of Education, 330 U.S. 1 at 8-9, 67 S.Ct. 504 at 508, 91 L.Ed. 711 (1947). It's as if none of these things are ever carried out by secular sects against Trotskyites, proto-capitalist Ukrainian farmers, opponents of the "Cultural Revolution" or other "counter-revolutionaries." Stalinists, Maoists, or the Khmer Rouge can torture and exterminate millions and millions of people with billions and billions of dollars in U.S. foreign aid, as long as they don't have prayers at their Baccalaureate.

(8) In the 20th century, "Christian America" has led the way in the production and transfer of technology and capital to keep evil regimes - even the Soviet Union - in power. The definitive research in this regard has been that of Antony Sutton, during his fellowship at the prestigious Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

The staging of the "breakup" of the Soviet Union - including the dismantling of the Berlin Wall - was conceived decades ago, and revealed to the West by defecting KGB official Anatoly Golitsyn in 1984 (New Lies for Old).

(9) Anyone - whether Christian or atheist - who claims a political or moral right to violence is a threat to others. The answer is not "separation of church and state," with the secular State left free to its Imperialist whims. The answer is the Theocracy taught by Christ in the Scriptures. We examine the Blueprints of the Theocracy in this essay.

(10) Civil rights are only violated when one group of people claim the moral right to a monopoly of violence over others. Is the answer to human rights violations to strip our government and culture of the moral absolutes Christianity provides? Don't believe it. The answer is to demythologize the moral legitimacy of the State, and to be ready to follow Christ to the Cross for doing so.

This is why we must defend Christian "Theocracy," a society governed by the Law of God.

(11) Galatians 3:8.

(12) Hopefully putting something in the church's coffers, too.

(13) cf. Acts 20:27 ("For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.")

(14) Kind of a Spiritual Amway: we need to keep adding to the bottom rungs of the pyramid.

(15) Matthew 28:18-20.