To Save America, We Must Abolish the United States




The Christmas Conspiracy!
Federal Issues

The 108th Congress should

  • recognize that the relative openness of American markets is an important source of our economic vitality and that remaining trade barriers are a drag on growth and prosperity;
  • move the focus of U.S. trade policy away from "reciprocity" and "level playing fields" toward commitment here and abroad to free-trade principles;
  • take unilateral action to reform U.S. protectionist policies;
  • renew fast track authority to facilitate new negotiations to eliminate trade barriers here and abroad;
  • maintain support for the World Trade Organization as a body for settling disputes;
  • revise Section 301 to make it consistent with WTO rules;
  • avoid using trade deficits as an excuse for trade restrictions;
  • reform the antidumping law, unilaterally and through WTO regulations, to eliminate unfair discrimination against U.S. businesses and consumers that buy foreign products; and
  • adjust export control laws to the reality of today’s international marketplace

Members of The Christmas Conspiracy favor Free Trade. "Free Trade" is created by abolishing government restrictions on trade, not by forming new global government agencies which override local interests and sovereignty.

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