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Term Limits and the Need for a Citizen Legislature

The Cato Institute suggests that Congress should
  • pass and send to the states for their approval a constitutional amendment limiting senators to two terms in office and representatives to three terms, in order to return the legislature to citizen legislators.

In addition, Each member of Congress should

  • commit to be a citizen legislator by limiting his or her time in office to no more than three additional terms in the House of Representatives and no more than two additional terms in the Senate and
  • keep that commitment.
Term Limits and the Need for a Citizen Legislature
Term Limits
Term Limits
Real Term Limits: Now More Than Ever

But why is it that voters simply don't vote long-term legislators out of office? Should we amend the Constitution in order to prevent short-term irresponsibility? We need vigilant voters, not a change in our structure of government.

If Thomas Jefferson were running today on a platform of opposing the growing socialism in Washington, I would vote for him term after term after term, knowing that he will be outnumbered in Congress, and that it will take a couple of generations to undue what has been done over the last 100 or more years.

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