To Save America, We Must Abolish the United States




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Federal Issues
Fundamental Tax Reform

Congress should abolish all taxes. As step-by-step measures, Congress should:

  • enact a five-year tax cut of at least $2 trillion; the tax cut bill should
    • repeal the Bush and Clinton tax increases of 1990 and 1993, thus returning to two income tax rates, 15 and 28 per-cent;
    • abolish the capital gains and estate taxes;
    • create a $25,000 per household tax-free universal savings account; and
    • index the income tax brackets for real income growth so that tax liabilities do not rise faster than Americansí incomes;
  • not allow states to unfairly tax the Internet;
  • end the withholding tax;
  • send an annual tax disclosure form to all taxpayers;
  • require a two-thirds supermajority vote to raise taxes;
  • enact an alternative maximum tax for individuals and businesses; the MAXTAX should be set at 25 percent of gross income and replace the filerís income and payroll taxes;
  • replace the income tax with a national sales tax and close down the Internal Revenue Service; and
  • refund taxes to Americans if tax revenue grows faster than personal income.

The original federal income tax originally imposed a tax of only 1 percent on incomes of $56,000 or more, with a maximum of just 7 percent for incomes over $7 million (both dollar figures adjusted for inflation to 2001).
Strange how new taxes, once in place, begin to bleed more and more people with higher and higher rates that kick in at lower and lower levels.
-- Harry Browne

Real tax reform begins with the recognition that taxation is extortion, the seizing of income or property under threats of force or violence. The American Revolution (1776) was fought over tax rates of 3-5%. Americans today pay ten times more than the amount our Founding Fathers took up arms to fight. Acceptance of this state of affairs is un-American.

Thomas Paine, in his influential book Common Sense, noted that Samuel warned Israel (1 Samuel 8) that the king they desired would take one-tenth of their income. This was intended as a terrifying threat of monstrous tyranny. Today it would be called "tax-relief."* 

God commanded, "Thou shalt not steal." Today's politicians say, " . . . except by majority vote." Acceptance of this state of affairs is not only un-American, it is immoral.

Social Security is a fraud. It is just another tax, another source of general revenue.

All taxation violates fundamental moral principles; all taxation is theft.

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* This passage of Scripture was also debated in the New York ratifying convention, Friday, June 20, 1788.  (Jonathan Elliot, Debates on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, Vol. 2, p. 216.)