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Religion and Traditional Values: Foundation of a Free Society

The 108th Congress should

  • recognize that all governments are based on a religion
  • recognize that not all religions are true; some are false
  • pass only legislation which is consistent with true religion

America's Founding Fathers believed that true religion would make a free and prosperous society. The Framers of the Constitution did not intend that America be a secular nation. The Constitution did not create a secular government. According to the most fundamental charters of our nation, "religion, morality and knowledge" are "necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind."

Some people think of "religion" as a church or system of ceremonies and liturgies. Our laws are based not on liturgies, but on ultimate values. Paul Tillich spoke of religion as
"ultimate concern."

There is no such thing as a purely secular or "neutral" government; all governments pass laws which are based on morality, which in turn reflect religious beliefs. There is presently a conflict over which religion will determine our laws: Christianity or the religion of Secular Humanism. (Certain terrorists would like our laws to be determined by some variety of the Islamic religion, but they are clearly the minority.) 

Atheists have more freedom in a Christian nation than Christians have in atheistic nations. As religion and morality become weaker, the State becomes stronger. As religion and morality increase, liberty increases as well.

In the century following the ratification of the Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court took it for granted that America was a Christian nation. The Court in the 20th century repudiated that notion. As a result, literacy has declined in schools, while crime has skyrocketed. Students are rebuked for writing term papers on openly Christian themes, while the violent projects of the Columbine High School killers were accepted. Teachers are fired or disciplined for endorsing religion and morality.

Our "Organic Law"

Religion and Liberty

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