To Save America, We Must Abolish the United States




The Christmas Conspiracy!
Federal Issues

Immediate Cuts

The 108th Congress should:
  • eliminate the Cabinet-level Departments of Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs;
  • close down major independent agencies such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Small Business Administration, the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Legal Services Corporation, and the Appalachian Regional Commission; and
  • terminate obscure independent agencies like the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the Japan–United States Friendship Commission, the Marine Mammal Commission, America’s Education Goals Panel, the State Justice Institute, and the United States Institute of Peace.

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Privatization in a post 9-11 world 

Pundits and policy-wonks seem to use the word "privatization" in two different ways:

  1. Instead of Government workers building schools that government wants, government hires private contractors to build schools that the government wants.
  2. Instead of the Government building the schools it wants, parents build the schools they want using the miracle of the Free Market.

Members of The Christmas Conspiracy oppose "privatization" in the first sense, and defend only privatization in the second sense. "Privatization" in the first sense might save a few dollars, but locks out the possibility of saving much more, and of more effectively meeting the demands of consumers.

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