To Save America, We Must Abolish the United States




The Christmas Conspiracy!
Federal Issues
Disaster Assistance and Government Insurance

Congress should

  • require federal government insurance programs to use private-sector underwriting and risk classification techniques,
  • authorize tax-deferred treatment of private insurers’ catastrophe reserves, and
  • reduce the scope of current government insurance programs and not launch any new federal reinsurance schemes.

Who could know that building a home in "tornado alley" might be asking for disaster? Who could possibly predict that building a hotel in the path of a hurricane could lead to disaster? What psychic could foresee any problems from constructing a house on a floodplain, or at the base of Mt. St. Helens? Could anyone in California have ever imagined that an earthquake might level their home? Is it the business of the federal government to repair the damage done to a beach front home in Malibu every year, year after year, as the winter rains repeatedly erode the shore, and the owner repeatedly rebuilds the home on the same spot?

America became the greatest nation on earth by cultivating "Yankee Ingenuity" and personal responsibility, not by clamoring for government bailouts.

America became the greatest nation on earth by responding quickly and magnanimously to genuine disasters and human needs.

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