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The Christmas Conspiracy!
Federal Issues

The 108th Congress should
  • recognize that life begins at conception.

Members of The Christmas Conspiracy believe that life begins at conception. A newly-conceived human being has a unique DNA "fingerprint" which identifies the baby as a discrete individual human. The baby is not a "part" of the mother; they are each separate individuals with their own DNA identification. 

America's "organic law" declares that God has given newly-conceived human beings "unalienable rights" to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must protect these blessings for ourselves "and our posterity."

It is not immoral to clone a human being. It is immoral to clone human beings for the purpose of making them slaves, or killing them off to harvest their body parts. 

  • Parents who cannot conceive children of their own may wish to use cloning. They should not be prohibited from doing so by government threats of imprisonment or confiscation of property. 
  • Industrial or government cloning for purposes of denying the cloned individuals their unalienable rights (in order to gain profit or political power) must be opposed.

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