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Asian Defense Commitments

The U.S. government should
  • withdraw American military forces from South Korea over the next four years and terminate the mutual defense treaty at the end of that period;
  • begin a six-year phased pullout of American troops from Japan, beginning with forces on Okinawa;
  • replace the bilateral U.S.-Japanese defense treaty with an agreement that allows emergency base and port access and maintains joint military exercises and intelligence cooperation;
  • drop proposals for enhanced defense ties with Singapore, eliminate the AUSMIN agreement with Australia, and make clear to the Philippine government and people that the new Visiting Forces Agreement does not commit the United States to military action on behalf of the Philippines, especially in any territorial disagreement involving the South China Sea;
  • promote regional security cooperation through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other appropriate institutions;
  • expand economic and limited security ties with China while pressing Beijing to accelerate democratic, human rights, and market reforms and to resolve international disputes peacefully;
  • drop Washington’s implicit defense guarantee to Taiwan but permit defense contractors to sell Taipei any weapons it deems necessary for its defense (without government subsidies and loan guarantees); and
  • remain aloof from other flashpoints that could turn into war, such as those on the Indian subcontinent.

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