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Religious Freedom & The First Amendment

Could "freedom of religion" ever be secure without the government?

This is truly a bizarre question, at least to those grounded in the thinking of America's Founding Fathers. The government is the greatest threat to religious liberty, especially a government that thinks it is god. The First Amendment was drafted to protect religious freedom from the government.

The 108th Congress Should:
  • Eliminate selective prosecution and harassment of churches by the Internal Revenue Service through threats to deny tax-exempt status to churches that refuse to disclose massive amounts of information about themselves.
  • Eliminate all restrictions on churches' freedom to apply their faith and doctrine to political issues.

As the United States was founded, in part, to secure religious freedom, I support efforts to defend and enhance the religious freedom of all Americans. While recognizing that Americans enjoy a high level of religious liberty, I believe that the imposition of a "high wall of separation of church and state" by the Supreme Court during the past fifty years has diminished the freedoms of local communities and school systems to accommodate public expressions of religious faith. I will therefore seek ways to limit the Courtís involvement in these matters and to empower cooperative arrangements between religion and state according to local custom and wishes.


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