Secular Humanism and Genocide

"All they that hate Me love death" -- Proverbs 8:36

Secular Humanism is a Religion
An anti-Christian religion.
The "Facts" vs. The Faith
Evolution did not become widely accepted because of the "facts," but because its proponents hated Biblical morality and the authority of God and saw Darwin's theory as a way of escaping responsibility under God.
The Rule of Hell: Evolution and Genocide
Evolution became popular 1859-1939 because it buttressed the racist genocidal philosophies of Fascism, Marxism and other forms of "scientific" totalitarianism. While Mussolini is no longer popular, "scientific socialism" still is.
Death by Government - Prof. R. J. Rummel
Last year over 10,000 people were murdered in the United States by criminals. In the last century, more than 10,000 people were murdered every single day by governments based on the theory of evolution and the principles of Secular Humanism.
Dresden and Total War: The Triumph of Humanism
In their attempt to liberate Jerusalem from the Moslems, Christians killed thousands during the Crusades, but scrupulously avoided killing non-combatant civilians. Secular Humanists have no scruples against killing hundreds of millions of innocent civilians. We now live in a secular age of Total War and Mass Death.
Humanist Urges Extermination of 15,000 Per Hour
As Christians mature in their faith, they have repented of their killing of thousands during the Crusades and the Inquisition. Nobody defends these acts any more. But as Secular Humanists become more logically consistent with the principles of their religion, they resolve to murder billions, not just hundreds of millions.
The Bible and "National Security"
The Bible says we can trust God to provide safety and security for our lives without trusting in the genocidal policies of evolutionist statism.